Cookie Policy

Article I

Use of Cookies

1. These websites use cookies that distinguish their visitor (hereinafter referred to as “you” in the appropriate grammatical form) from other users. It allows us to improve our sites and provide a better browsing experience for individual visitors.   

2. This Cookie Policy describes:        

– processing of data collected using cookies and similar technologies, and 

– the purposes for which we use these cookies.

3. For further important information on processing personal data obtained through these websites, please refer to the section Terms of Use.    

Article II


  1. Cookies – are small text files that are downloaded to a device (computer, tablet computer, mobile phone, etc.), containing a certain amount of information enabling the website to recognize you as a user, while using the website. Cookies help the website operator analyze the effectiveness of the website. In general, cookies do not contain any personally identifiable information. Instead, they are used to identify the browser on a particular device. Herein, we also use the term cookies for some other files similarly collecting data (e.g. pixels, web beacons, etc.). Based on these files, the website can recognize you:
  • using the so-called “Session Cookies” – during your visit to the website. These so-called Temporary Cookies are automatically deleted after closing the browser window. You can set your browser to inform you about the use of cookies. This will ensure the transparency of the use of cookies. Important: if you completely exclude the use of cookies, you may not be able to use certain functions of our website.
  • using the so-called  “Permanent Cookies” – for repeated visits to the website. You can check permanent cookies each time you visit the website. Information collected through the website includes the type of browser, internet address used to access the website, the operating system of the device, and the IP address of the device. To display more relevant ads, some cookies are set by advertising systems of third parties such as Google Analytics. This can be turned off in your Google Account. You can set your computer to reject cookies. However, particular functions of the site may not work.
  1. The so-called “Our Cookies” are cookies that have been placed on this website by our company.
  2. The so-called “Third-party Cookies” are cookies that are placed on your device by another company when you use our website. Third-party cookies may be placed on your device by someone who provides us with a certain service (for example, Google Analytics).
  3. Third parties do not have access to the data in our cookies, and we also cannot access the cookies of third parties.

Article III


We use the following cookies on our website: Strictly Necessary Cookies, Functionality Cookies

1. We use cookies for the following purposes:

a. Strictly Necessary Cookies are cookies without which our website would not work, or proper use of these sites would not be possible. These cookies are placed on your device automatically, and you cannot turn them off. Strictly Necessary Cookies cannot identify you. They are used only to ensure proper display and functioning of our website.

b. Functionality Cookies are used to recognize you when you return to our website. Functionality Cookies help improve the functionality and security of websites, including remembering your preferences and managing website performance.

2. These cookies can be set through our sites and by our advertising partners, who can use them to profile your interests and to display relevant advertisements on other pages as well, in compliance with the Cookie Policy available on the sites of these partners referred to in the Advanced Settings for saving cookies.

3. This Cookie Policy provides information about the types of cookies these websites use.

Article IV


1. When you visit our website for the first time, only Strictly Necessary Cookies are placed on your device. Unless you accept/allow all cookies or select your individual preferences for cookies, this setting will not change. For detailed information on how to check and delete cookies, please refer to Article VI, How to control and delete cookies.

2. Some cookies we use are necessary for our website to work. For example, when you visit our website for the first time, you will see a popup notice alerting you to our use of cookies.

3. By clicking the appropriate button in a cookie popup, you consent to our use of necessary cookies as described in Cookie Policy. Concerning all other types of cookies, we declare not to set these on your device unless you consent to their use.

4. By giving consent to cookies, you also give us, as well as the relevant third parties, consent for the cookies in question to use personal data as stated in our Terms of Use. We will set or read only the relevant cookies at the time indicated in the table, which can be accessed by clicking the relevant link in the cookie popup.

5. To turn off cookies that are used based on consent, you can withdraw your consent to the use of cookies at any time. It can be done by the cookie icon in the corresponding part of our sites. Please note that cookies may remain on your device even after you decide not to use them. For more information on how to delete these cookies from your device, see the text below or the Help/Support tab of your browser.

6. The withdrawal of your consent to the use of optional cookies is also related to the withdrawal of consent to the use of personal data that we collect using these cookies. Please see our Terms of Use for more details. 

Article V


1. In this section of the Cookie Policy, we describe how we use personal data obtained through cookies used on our website, legal basis, and purposes.

2. Should there be a contractual reason for Strictly Necessary Cookies, we may use personal data to fulfill our contractual obligations in compliance with our Terms of Use.

3. Should there be a legal basis for Strictly Necessary Cookies, we may use personal data to fulfill our legal obligations, especially when we are required, by the law, to recognize cookie preferences (for example, to find out that you have turned off all cookies in your browser).

4. Should there be a legitimate interest for Strictly Necessary Cookies, we may use personal data, within our legitimate interest, to operate the website in cases where there is no legal basis for processing – see above.

Article VI


1. The cookie icons in the corner of your device are used to disable or block particular cookies. You can change the cookie settings at any time. It will probably be necessary to update the site for the functionality of settings. After the cookies are disabled or blocked, our website will no longer access or read these cookies.

2. Various files, scripts, codes, or other information relating to cookies may continue to be stored in the device. You can remove these by deleting cookies and clearing the browser cache using your web browser settings.

3. Any change to your web browser settings applies only to that particular web browser. If you use more than one web browser on your device, it is necessary to change the settings separately for each browser and each device.

4. Further information regarding cookies may be available in the “Help” function of the browser or operating system or the user manual for your device.

5. To opt-out of being tracked by Google Analytics on all websites, see

6. For comprehensive information on adjusting cookie settings in a range of browsers, see Please note that since we are neither the owner nor the operator of this website, we bear no responsibility for its content.

7. Please note that if you disable Strictly Necessary Cookies (or All Cookies) using your web browser settings, one or more fundamental functions of these websites, including those ensuring safety, will not work correctly or at all.

8. Please note that if you refuse or withdraw your consent to the use of any, not necessary, cookies or related personal data, the corresponding function or functionality of these websites may not work properly or at all. The use of fundamental functionalities and the functionality of the website will not be affected by the above.

Article VII


1. By clicking the Cookie Details link on the banner, you can access the list of the main cookies we use on our sites, as well as information about the purpose of their use, available in the Cookie Details table.

2. As part of our activity, we cooperate with several suppliers and third-party partners who set or read cookies on our websites, whereas these cookies are not under our control. We recommend you check the Privacy Policy of the relevant third party, even though that we provide a summary of the third-party cookies used in the Cookie Details table.

3. Third-party cookies used in connection with our website include:

a.       Strictly Necessary Cookies. These are cookies without which our websites would not work.

b.     Functionality Cookies. They help improve the functionality and security of websites, including remembering your preferences and managing website performance. 

Article VIII 


1. Anytime, our company can amend Cookie Policy by sending an e-mail with the amended provisions or by publishing them on our website.

2. Any changes shall become effective 7 days after sending the e-mail according to the previous point or after the date of publication on the website, whichever occurs first.

3. If you have any questions or need additional information concerning cookies or personal data processing, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact details provided in our Terms of Use.